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कल्याण स्थित कॉम्प्युटर इंजिनियर ला सुयोग्य वधु पाहिजे

Name : Amit Sanjay Bhave Date Of Birth : 22/Jan/1985.

Time 6 :10 PM,

Place - Thane

Height : 6 Feet 2 Inches

Education : B. E. Computer Engineering

Occupation - Working as System Analysts with HEXAWARE in Mumbai

Gotra : Kaushik

Ras : Makar

Family : Self + Grandmother, Father, Mother, Younger Brother

Native Place : Kalyan Owns 3 BHK flat jointly

Preferred Partner : Like Minded, Moderate Understanding Person

FB profile link : https://www.facebook.com/amit.bhave.92

If Found Suitable, Please reply with

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at sanjay.bhave@gmail.com

Contact No: 9223366894 Shri Sanjay Bhave

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