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Training and Placement officer for Sandhiniketan Vocational Training Centre, Administrative Assistant For आनंद्वन

Job Status: Full time

Location: Anandwan, Tahsil- Warora, District- Chandrapur, Maharashtra

About Sandhiniketan Vocational Training centre : This centre, established in 1970s has more than 100 disabled trainees passing out every year through following trades.

a. Tailoring,

b. Electrical assembly

c. Electronics

d. Handicrafts Unit & Art Section

e. Handloom Section & Power loom Section,

f. Leather Craft,

g. Driving School,

h. Computer training centre Etc.

Need: As there is no government post for a placement officer who can coordinate the job placements of these trainees, many trainees remain jobless in future.Currently existing trainers try their level best to get government assistance for their students. However their capacity, capability and resources are limited so they can help very few students who are aspiring. Remaining students do not find a job or loans to start business. Apart from this social security schemes are difficult to obtain due to a lot of travel involved, corruption and parental neglect. Not every disabled student can manage all these hectic issues. Hence even after such intensive training for one year students remain unemployed purely because of lack of guidance afterwards. Adolescent problems and Marriage are also important problems in this age group. Due to their limitation on societal interactions, they land up in problems related to adolescence for which they do not get any support. A counseling facility will immensely help them sort of these issues. Due to physical limitations, these students often find it difficult to get a match for marriage so often they compromise on many factors. We have seen many couples, who because of inadequate medical and psychological guidance have produced disabled offsprings.

MSS wants to recruit a training and placement officer who can coordinate following activities.

1. Evaluating performance and makes recommendations for career choice; motivates students to achieve peak productivity and performance.

2. Administering and supervising placement and recruitment program; counseling students, potential students, alumni on career issues.

3. Maintaining contact with local employers to obtain information on job opportunities, to develop and enhance working relationships, and to facilitate client placement.

4. Maintaining a database of employment possibilities and resource networks, including career guidance references, employment literature, and related information.

5. Assisting students in the job search and advising them on procedures for obtaining employment.

6. Coordinating or providing training in writing resumes, completing applications, and interviewing.

7. Recognizing the hardships that applicants experience when applying for Social Security disability benefits and helping them avail the schemes

8. Helping aspiring candidates to set up business with bank loans and documentation

9. Maintaining various profiles of candidates for employment and marriage

10.Identification and coordination with companies for placement of trainees

11.Marriage counseling

12.Arranging workshops for candidates for exposure to various issues related to their disability

Skill Requisites:

1. Knowledge of career counseling principles and practices.

2. Ability to develop and deliver counseling sessions.

3. Ability to develop and implement recruitment plans suited to disabled.

4. Organizing and coordinating skills

5. Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.

6. Ability to maintain confidentiality of records and information.

7. Assessment and referral skills.

8. Knowledge of career counseling principles and practices.

Experience and Education:

Bachelor's degree with 3 to 5 years’ experience or Master’s degree with disability specification with 1-2 year experience directly related to the duties and responsibilities specified.


Rs. 14000/- Per month.

B) Job Title: Administrative Assistant

Job Status: Full time

Location: Anandwan, Tahsil- Warora, District- Chandrapur, Maharashtra


MSS is seeking a dynamic and experienced Administrative Assistant to-

1. Type agendas for meetings

2. Prepare proposals and budgets for various grants

3. Transcribe formats, input, edit, retrieve, copy and transmit correspondence, documents, data and graphics

4. Word process all manuscripts, letters, documents and proposals

5. Record, date stamps and distribute all incoming mail

6. Process outgoing mail

7. Comply and maintain an up to date directory of numbers, email ids and postal addresses


· Excellent writing skills in English, Hindi and Marathi

· Excellent oral communication skills in English, Hindi and Marathi

· Ability to prepare reports, proposals and newsletters

· Strong leadership, influencing and problem solving skills

· Experience of building and managing partnerships

· Ability to thrive in a collaborative, multi‐disciplinary environment with minimal supervision

· Expertise in working with MS Office and Adobe Photoshop

Educational Qualification:

MBA or any Master’s degree/ B.A. English Literature/ Other Graduate degree with 1-2 years of experience

Reporting to

Kaustubh Amte, Assistant Secretary and Dr. Sheetal Amte, Chief Development Officer


Rs. 12000/- Per month (negotiable).

For exploring various volunteer opportunities, please write to sheetalamte@anandwan.in.


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