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Home Like Stay @ Aapli Wadi @ Shreevardhan !

Shreevardhan - The name itself indicates that there is a growth of “SHREE”, the God i.e. the eternal peace, in this place.

This is a small town, a taluka place, in Raigad district and has a history of over 400 years. This is the birth place of Shri Balaji Vishwanath Bhat who became the “Peshwa” in Maratha dynasty. However, Shreevardhan has an unwritten history which goes back to Satvahan Age.

Shreevardhan Sea shore is approximately 3 kms long and is quite safe. The walk on this beach is pleasant and has to be experienced and can’t be described in words! Quite blissful!

Besides the sea shore there are quite a few temples worth a visit in Shreevardhan. These temples have historic values.

Aapli Wadi (literally meaning Our Mansion with a Garden!) is a contemporary place yet essentially Konkani in nature! It is designed in such a way that one feels at home yet away from home!

A perfect place to unwind and rejuvenate! Once here you could simply stretch out, soak sights and sounds of Konkan. Or just go to the sea which is 4 minutes walk from the wadi.

Aapli Wadi is spread over 40,000 sq ft of lush greenery abundance with coconut, betelnut, jackfruit, banana & pineapple plantation.

Visit www.shreevardhan.co.in for images and other details! Alternatively please call Jayesh on 9922971498 or Mr. Vasant on 9921186646 / 9422221646. Happy Holidays!

Aapli Wadi, Shreevardhan
Ojhale Pakhadi
Shreevardhan ,

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