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जर्सी सिटीमधे १ बेडरुम अपार्टमेंट भाड्याने देणे आहे

1 Bedroom apartment at Journey Square, Jersey city. 7 mins walk to nearest Path station. Super market and Bus stop round the corner. Coin operated common laundry facility in the basement. Close to Indian grocery. Rent includes Heat and Hot water. Tenant pays for Electricity and Gas.
Apartment has 1 bedroom, 1 bath, living room and kitchen. Unit is in great condition.Great for couples.
1.5 month Security deposit, 1 month rent in advance.Credit report, Employment verification is necessary. Minimum 1 year lease.

जर्सी सिटी, न्यू जर्सी जर्सी सिटी , New Jersey
United States
New Jersey US

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