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Opportunity to sell your product on Amazon in US, Canada and Europe

We have an online presence of Amazon.com (US and Canada) as well as other European countries. We have established a full, end-to-end process from procurement to-shipment to support. Now we are looking for adding more products to our online stores from all over the world.

If you are interested in selling your products through us in these markets and meet the following conditions, we would like to hear from you.
(1) The product is unique, innovative and not run-of-the-mill type.
(2) It is not weigh more than 1 lb, has a long shelf-life (at least 6 months, without getting degraded), easy to pack individually in a plastic bag and shippable to US using couriers like DHL
(3) Ready to agree for an exclusive resellership to us for at least 3 years OR provide a white-label design under our branding

Please send us an email with
(1) Your company details: Name, Address, Website, Owners' Profile, Phone, Email ID
(2) A few lines about the product description, how it is used and ONLY 1 image of the product
(3) More about product: how much quantity is sold per month
(4) Selling Price and discount structure

Our email ID: hello@cybertrove.com


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