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Computer ,laptop Repair Service

Samamrth infotech
Computer ,laptop Repair Service to get your computer up and running properly we provide computer repair service

Many people have computer troubles...
• All OS Installations & Troubleshooting .. ( Windows, Mac, Linux )
• Network Configuration & Solutions ( LAN, WAN etc.)
• Virus Solutions
• CCTV Security System
• Computer has slow boot or won't boot?
• Can't get online?
• It runs too slowly?
• Ran out of hard drive space?
• Want a Blu-ray, DVD or CD drive?
• Need a faster processor, more memory?
• We can do hardware upgrades, or software upgrades.
Whether you have a quality desktop, laptop or simply need some fine tuning on your everyday PC, we're here to repair .

Rajas soc.plot no.65,katraj 411 046 ९४२२३६१७८३
411 046 पुने ,

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