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11th June - Dallas TX - “Mukhotgat Parayan of Gajanan Vijay Granth” by Smt. Vidya Tai Padwal

Jai Gajanan !!!

Gajanan Maharaj America Devotees Parivar cordially invites you all for “Mukhotgat Parayan of Gajanan Vijay Granth” by Smt. Vidya Tai Padwal

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Places and Dates
Seattle (WA): 08th May 2016
Princeton Junction, New Jersey (NJ): 14th May 2016
San Jose (CA): 21st May 2016
Fremont (CA): 22nd May 2016 (Sunday) – Pravachan and Q&A
Philadelphia (PA): 04th June 2016
Dallas (TX): 11th June 2016
Atlanta (GA): 18th June 2016
Canada: Stay tune, dates yet to confirm

About Vidya Tai

Have you seen and met a walking “Gajanan Vijay Granth”, a miracle? You have opportunity to meet such miracle in form of Smt. Vidya Padwal who has practiced and mastered the recitation of 3668 verses non-stop without referring to the “Gajanan Vijay Granth” script! सम्पूर्ण “गजानन विजयग्रंथ” उन्हे कंठस्थ है !

Vidya Tai has conducted more than 200 such recitations ( known as parayans) in one sitting, it takes almost 6 hours (with some quick break for devotees). With her unique “Kath Kathan” style, voice modulation, expressions and experience sharing, she can take you to the era of Shri Gajanan Majaraj while reciting the "Gajanan Vijay Granth".

Vidya Tai is visiting us in the USA and will be conducting such parayans at various places.

These parayans are scheduled by devotees, for devotees. Let’s spread the word, share the event’s dates with friends, relatives and other devotees and encourage them to participate. So they can also see what is the “Krupa Ashirvad” of a perfect Sadguru (Shri Gajanan Maharaj).

Encourage devotees to participate in service of Guru is the greatest Seva of Guru

No monetary involvement, No other expectations, only involvement in form of creating awareness of Guru Mauli’s Parayan in community.

Please contact rishimudgal@yahoo.com for specific details

Dallas , Texas
United States
Texas US

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