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Wooden Ghani (Cold Pressed) Safflower Oil

Our Safflower oil is extracted by traditional cold pressed method(Wooden Ghana).Wooden Ghana is nothing but a cylindrical chamber of selected wood of medicinal properties,housing a pestle.
Safflower seeds get crushed in the chamber by friction and oil moves out from the opening at the bottom. Since the process involves low pressure crushing on the seeds it retains healthy antioxidants,micro-nutrients and fatty acids in their natural form.Extracted Oil is far superior than refined oil.

Constituents in Safflower Oil :
 Saturated Fats : 8 to 10 %
 Polyunsaturate Fatty Acids : 75-77%
 Monounsaturated Fatty Acids : 14%
 Other essential nutrients are Omega-6 fatty acid,Vit-E & K and micro-nutrients.

Benefits Of Safflower Oil :

Safflower Oil contains high amount of Vitamin E helps blood circulation,strengthens immune system,eliminate free radicals in the body and may even play role in plaque-free arteries.

Heart Health : Safflower Oil is high in unsaturated fats(good fats ) and low in saturated fats (Bad Fats) making a great choice to keep your heart healthy.Omega 6 fatty acids (Linoleic acid) can help the body to keep a healthy balance of cholesterol.Safflower Oil may thin the blood to prevent clots,widen blood vessels, lower blood pressure and stimulate the heart.

Obesity : Omega-6 fatty acids in safflower oil helps the body to burn fat,rather than store it.

Diabetes : The Omega-6 has also been shown to manage blood sugar levels.

“Cold-pressed oils have all their natural aroma,golden color,taste ,nutrients intact, retaining the natural properties of the oil-seeds, unlike refined oil.”

Please Note : This Cold Pressed Oil, is sold unrefined,filtered naturally and without any additives.

For Enquiries :
Rainbow Foods
Mr.Sandeep Chavan
Whatsapp No.7040281010
Email : csandeep2@yahoo.co.in

Mumbai,Pune ,

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