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online music classes

Visit www.ask4musicteacher.com for online music learning.

Hindustani classical & light music. In Hindi, Marathi and also your language songs also.
You can learn online Hindustani classical, bhajans, children songs, Gazals, Thumari, movies songs, Marathi ,Hindi any songs. I can prepare you for music exams. With harmonium & keyboard also.
You will get knowledge of Tabala also while singing ( how to sing with Tabala machine)
Special attention to students voice training, with sur & taal,
Children, ladies & gents of any age are most welcome.
You can also learn karaoke singing.
For more information contact me at www.ask4musicteacher.com
My email id is srkulkarni9@hotmail.com
Chhaya Kulkarni

online music class from India (mainly)
Paud Road ujavi bhusari
411038 Pune ,

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