Exclusive Business Opportunity

One can start his/her own business with using/sharing company products and can avail handsome discounts and life time benefits from the company.

Company name is Vestige.com and its manufacturing health care, personal care, oral care, agricultural product, health food.
All are World class products, international quality standards, profit based products.

7 ways of business incomes

1) Retail income - 10 to 20%
2) Performance bonus - 5 to 20%
3) Directorship bonus - 14% on company turnover
4) leadership overriding bonus - 15% on company turnover
5) foreign travel fund - 3% on company turnover
6) lifetime car fund - 5% on company turnover
7) lifetime house fund - 3% on company turnover.

Must check our company website for product details and call if sounds interesting.

mb: 9004344189


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