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Satsang - Gajanan Maharaj at Portland Oregon on 22nd April

!!Jai Gajanan!!
Our Devotees Parivar is very fortunate to have our Dear Dr. Gajanan Khasnis 'dada' very soon among us here in USA & CANADA (21st April-11th May)
We are blessed to get this opportunity to arrange few powerful events for the devotees of Portland, Bay area and Los Angeles and Canada . Feel truly blessed that someone , who has served his whole life in Shree Maharaj's seva by delivering valuable discourses, insightful meanings from Gajanan Vijay , all about Maharaj!
Obvious question in one’s mind is – Why should I meet Dr. Khasnis and attend his Satsang/ Pravchan/ Parayan (Mukhogat). Our recommendation is one’s experience may be the direction for others, and that’s why we read pothi (Gajanan Vijay – collections of experiences). We may explore new directions to admire our beloved Mauli or learn a new way to please/worship our Sad-Guru.
You can know more about Dada through this YouTube link and same time you will be more motivated to listen him live


Program Details :
Portland, Oregon

22th April (Wednesday) – Satsang @ Portland, Oregon - 5:30 PM Pacific Onward
Contact : rishimudgal@yahoo.com

Portland , Oregon
United States
Oregon US

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