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Business Development Manager (Sourcing) Contract Position

Seeking Business Development Manager (Contract Position) in India. We are looking for a smart, enthusiastic, hard-working, and creative candidate to join our team as a Business Development Manager (Sourcing). This position offers an exciting opportunity to work on a start-up business team.

The ideal candidate will be with right contacts, in the entertainment industry, with responsibility for sourcing digital content. He/she would be responsible for signing the right mix of vendors, adding unique selection.

He/she must be an effective leader and communicator working with our most important partners and vendors. He or she will have strong business judgment with a track record of strong ownership values and relationship management skills.

Eligibility Criteria
• Business, buying, or finance background
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Proven negotiation skills, influencing abilities
• Strong numerical and analytical aptitude
• Good organizational skills including prioritizing, scheduling, time management, and meeting deadlines
• Detail-oriented
• 2 to 15 years of relevant experience in an account manager/vendor manager role desired

The ideal candidate will be innovative, team oriented, an effective communicator, have a desire to participate in change and appreciate a dynamic environment with rapidly changing priorities. We are seeking someone with demonstrated history of successful project ownership and using customer data to identify and prioritize opportunities. An understanding of, and passion for, e-commerce is highly desired.

About this company
Magical-Matinee.com (By Anandi Technology) strives to be customer-centric company where one can enjoy great selection of Indian regional video and audio content, online. Magical-Matinee.com is a subscription-based Internet TV service offering Indian regional movies and TV shows. Our audience mainly consist of Indians around the world and our service is available on any Internet-connected device anywhere in the world.

Bangalore 560102 Karnataka
Karnataka IN

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