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३ BHK, ब्लू-रिज, हिंजेवाडी, पुणे

ब्लू रिज, हिंजेवाडी, पुणे येथे ३ BHK फ्लॅट विकणे आहे. एकदम नविन फ्लॅट. एरिया १८०० स्क्वेअर फूट. रेडी पझेशन.
१ कार पार्किंग. अपेक्षा : रु. १.१५ कोटी - निगोशिएबल.

Amenities at Blue Ridge.
Shopping Mal, Multiplex Entertainment Zone Restaurant Vegetable MARKET Gaming Zone Amphitheatre Spa Club House Boat Club with Marina Yoga/Meditation Hall Music Gym Pet Zoo Fishing Sunset Point SEZ Administrative Office Banks Cafeteria Specialty Restaurant KAYAKING Beach Volleyball Squash Skating Cycling Badminton Soccer Golf Swimming Coconut Grove Fruit Orchard Landscaped Gardens with Water Bodies Tree lined road Urban Forest Butterfly Garden
(सोर्स : http://www.pscl.in/residential-projects/blue-ridge/amenities-specifications)

पुणे ,

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